DIY Terrarium Ideas and Tips

DIY Terrarium

Having a terrarium these days it’s a must. Besides the beautiful modern look, it is also great for your indoor air quality. Terrariums are easy to make and maintain. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to water and so on. What are you waiting for? Easy to maintain, looks beautiful, improves indoor air quality and you still don’t have one? Then this DIY Terrarium tutorial is perfect to start with.

Materials needed:

  • Glass Bowl (you can find on Amazon a beautiful one)
  • Stones, Potting Soil, Activated Charcoal
  • Plants
  • Decorative Items (moss and that kind of stuff)
Terrarium DIY Materials

Now it’s time to decide what kind of DIY Terrarium are you going to make: open or closed. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The open ones are better for dry-weather plants like succulent plants and need constant watering(3-4 days), but you get fresh air. The closed terrariums don’t need watering because the moisture will build up inside and works best with humidity-loving plants. Therefore, the closed one is more like a home decoration element!

Once you decided and found your bowl it’s time to start adding the layers. Start with a layer of stones which will prevent your roots from rotting. Next, add a thin layer of activated charcoal to protect your plants from bacteria and mold. For the last layer add your potting soil. Make sure to choose the right soil for the plants you have. For a closed terrarium, you need to go with plants that can tolerate low light and need humid conditions. Therefore, ferns, ivy, thyme, creeping fig, moss and baby’s tears are a great option. On the other hand, open terrariums need dry-weather plants like succulents, aloe, cacti, sedum, and air plants. Start planting the largest ones first and then adding the smaller ones to fill the space!

DIY Terrarium Decoration Items

In addition, you can spice things up with great decoration items. Now that everything is done make sure to take care of your DIY Terrarium, you don’t want to lose it after putting work into it, do you? Therefore, make sure not to overwater eighter, that’s one of the most common mistakes. In conclusion, make sure to water at the right time and to keep it in indirect sunlight. If you enjoyed this DIY make sure to give us a follow on bloglovin‘ and don’t forget to pin it! Thank you for reading!

Terrarium DIY

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